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Blogs What Makes an Effective Media Training? Media training is a critical aspect of preparation to engage with the media. An effective media training session should prepare executives to deliver key messages in a compelling manner, maintain control of the interview, and obtain situational awareness. This should be the case with all types of interviews—on-the-record, on background, or off-the-record, as well as […] Read More
Blogs Navigating AI in Communications and Safeguarding Reputation One thousand of the world’s top leaders and researchers are calling for a pause on AI development, citing that widespread adoption, a lack of regulation, and a huge number of unknowns could create a perfect storm. AI applications, however, are rapidly growing. We are seeing an increasing number of communication and marketing professionals, including PR […] Read More
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Blogs Letter from Montieth Illingworth Montieth SPRG was founded for one very compelling reason: to provide a new and more effective set of public relations services and solutions for global organizations with ambitious, multi-market growth strategies in APAC.  We’ve created a communications agency that is singularly focused on helping support our clients penetrate new markets throughout Asia and expand in […] Read More