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News Montieth Illingworth’s Insights on Rebuilding Reputation Montieth Illingworth, co-CEO of Montieth SPRG and CEO & Global Managing Partner of Montieth and Company, had an interview with PR News to discuss the intricacies of reputation restoration. Rebuilding Reputation Entails a Series of Measures Prior to the Beginning of the Crisis Crisis Insider: What advice can you offer for the process of reputation […] Read More
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Blogs Letter from Montieth Illingworth Montieth SPRG was founded for one very compelling reason: to provide a new and more effective set of public relations services and solutions for global organizations with ambitious, multi-market growth strategies in APAC.  We’ve created a communications agency that is singularly focused on helping support our clients penetrate new markets throughout Asia and expand in […] Read More
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News Montieth SPRG: A Joint Venture with SPRG and Montieth & Co Montieth SPRG will service the US firm’s clients in Hong Kong and other Asian markets. A U.S global communications consultancy, Montieth & Company, has formed an Asia-Pacific joint venture with leading local player SPRG to service the former firm’s global clients in Hong Kong and beyond. Montieth SPRG is a 50:50 JV between the US […] Read More
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News PR Daily: Strategic PR Approaches for Navigating the Global Market In a world emerging from the aftermath of the pandemic, professionals in public relations need to rethink their strategies in an ever-connected and borderless media landscape. Despite challenges like COVID-19, Brexit, and fluctuations in global trade of physical goods, the process of globalization continues unabated. However, today’s globalization differs in essence. It’s driven by a […] Read More