Government Relations and Public Affairs

Our public affairs work is based on our first-hand experience working with the local and state governments in the U.S.

  • Global Stakeholder Engagement


We adopt a comprehensive approach for stakeholder engagement and recognize the significance of establishing reputation and confidence within a competitive setting. Whether involving partners, clients, governmental bodies, industry associations, employees, local communities, or voters, we formulate engagement strategies that foster enduring connections rooted in understanding the distinct business landscape and the communities you operate in. 


  • U.S. Legislation, Policy, & Regulation


We recognize that laws, the legislative and political landscape, and policy efforts at all levels of government can affect your work. Our legislative strategies are shaped by a combination of policy analysis, understanding the legislative process, and its relevance to your business. 


  • U.S. Government Relations


Our team builds government relations programs that are focused on identifying mutual interests while understanding how those may be impacted by various constituencies. Our program implementation is sensitive to political dynamics, ensuring adaptability, and is aligned with your immediate and long-term business goals.