InsurTech/FinTech Company Seeks Competitive Differentiation in Global Markets

insuretech PR services

An established global insurtech and fintech company needed a PR consultancy that worked seamlessly across global media markets in different time zones. The communications challenges of the firm included the privacy and confidentiality of the success stories of its clients, and the technically complex and hard-to-understand SaaS technology.  


Montieth SPRG built a communications strategy informed by the banking and insurance industries’ response to an in-depth competitor analysis, evolving consumer needs, and the shifting media landscape. 

Our team successfully positioned the company’s spokespeople as differentiated thought leaders with an astute understanding of its customers’ needs across sectors. Media results centered on the client’s work with industry analysts, partners, and their customer announcements, which were repurposed on different external marketing channels.  


Since we began working together, the client has signed multiple new contracts with some of the world’s leading insurers and banks and has doubled their staff.