PR Daily: Strategic PR Approaches for Navigating the Global Market

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In a world emerging from the aftermath of the pandemic, professionals in public relations need to rethink their strategies in an ever-connected and borderless media landscape. Despite challenges like COVID-19, Brexit, and fluctuations in global trade of physical goods, the process of globalization continues unabated.

However, today’s globalization differs in essence. It’s driven by a shift in emphasis from tangible products to intangible services, from the number of products exported to how software is leveraged for transactions, interactions, and commerce. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) generates more global business growth than the consumption of even a ubiquitous product like Coca-Cola. So, the paramount question for PR professionals is: Has the PR industry evolved in tandem with these changes?

Arguably, PR has had a global presence for a substantial duration, with evidence found in the existence of large multinational agencies and networks of independent firms collaborating across borders. While these traditional models remain valuable to clients, they may not always be the most efficient option. The rise of digitally-driven commerce necessitates PR support that is not only integrated and flexible but also cost-effective, transcending both geographical boundaries and cultural nuances.

Here’s how astute PR professionals should approach their roles in today’s globalized economy:

  1. Prioritize Influence Over Ubiquity: The conventional approach to global PR aimed at establishing brand awareness everywhere a company operated or aspired to operate, to the same extent. However, in the era of smart globalization, greater impact is achieved by directing efforts toward target audiences worldwide who are driven by ideas. A company with a compelling Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program now wields more influence than one merely boasting another year of record profits.
  2. Leverage Global Expertise: Media fragmentation has led to the specialization of topics with a global impact. As media outlets become increasingly specialized, PR firms must cultivate deeper domain knowledge and the ability to demonstrate the global relevance of their stories. Today, a journalist’s “beat” extends far beyond geographical boundaries. For instance, in the renewable energy sector, story ideas and news can originate from any corner of the world due to the global dissemination of underlying technologies. Consider our client in the renewables sector, a small company with fewer than 50 employees, but with technology installations spanning over 25 countries.

Journalists covering specific domains are likely to keep tabs on global developments pertinent to their field. The themes and issues resonate across global markets, with news transcending borders while yielding similar outcomes, improving lives as technology advances.

  1. Strategically Sequence PR Efforts: In practice, the demands for PR services do not uniformly exist across all markets or regions for a global organization. Certain “events” unfold sequentially in different markets, significantly impacting brand building and stakeholder engagement. Allocate resources to high-impact events such as white papers, CEO interviews, or webinar series. Seamlessly integrate these events into your atomized global media sets, highlighting their cross-border significance, and you will achieve the desired outcomes.

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