Montieth Illingworth’s Insights on Rebuilding Reputation

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Montieth Illingworth, co-CEO of Montieth SPRG and CEO & Global Managing Partner of Montieth and Company, had an interview with PR News to discuss the intricacies of reputation restoration.

Rebuilding Reputation Entails a Series of Measures Prior to the Beginning of the Crisis

Crisis Insider: What advice can you offer for the process of reputation recovery?

Montieth Illingworth replied that first and foremost, emerging from a crisis necessitates a dedicated commitment to unraveling the root causes of the crisis itself. Understanding what went wrong and why it happened is paramount. This process may not always need to be conducted in the public eye, but genuine effort must be invested.

He stated that crisis situations often result from either acts of omission or commission. When companies find themselves in such predicaments, it typically indicates shortcomings in their compliance mechanisms or organizational culture, and sometimes, it lies somewhere in between. For instance, it might be linked to a recent business partnership where due diligence was overlooked, he said.

He further commented on how all these factors converge to reflect the leadership’s tone from the top. When dissecting a crisis, he sees it essential to scrutinize the highest echelons of the organization. This scrutiny extends to examining how top management, particularly the CEO, exemplifies the behaviors and actions necessary for effectively addressing the crisis at hand, he said.

He considers that taking these initial steps can substantially mitigate future challenges.

Moreover, he stated that an integral aspect of rebuilding reputation involves transparently communicating to internal stakeholders that valuable lessons have been learned from the ordeal and that, if modifications were deemed necessary, it’s essential to convey that these changes have been implemented.

You can explore the complete article on PR News for further insights.

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