MSPRG Co-CEO Richard Tsang Joins the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing as a Fellow

Hong Kong, December 7, 2023 – Montieth SPRG (MSPRG) is proud to announce that its co-CEO Richard Tsang has accepted the invitation to become a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) during its 40th anniversary celebration. This prestigious recognition follows his induction into the HKIM Hall of Fame last year, underscoring his commitment to the public relations and marketing industry.  

We extend our congratulations to Richard Tsang and express our appreciation to the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing for their contributions to the marketing community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with industry leaders to uphold excellence and integrity in marketing practices globally. 

Founded in 1982, the HKIM is the only non-profit and independent professional body representing marketers in Hong Kong. HKIM’s mission is to establish, promote, and maintain high standards of professionalism, excellence, and ethical integrity in marketing practice, serving as an influential force for marketing professionals throughout the region. 

MSPRG is a joint venture between Montieth & Company and SPRG. Led by co-CEOs Montieth Illingworth and Richard Tsang, this collaboration provides clients with the combined experience, capabilities and global presence in media markets in North Americas, EMEA, LATAM and APAC. The joint venture provides strategic marketing communications programs that generate measurable results for clients with a global presence in an integrated, flexible, and efficient way. 

About MSPRG  

MSPRG is a global agency that delivers integrated, flexible, and efficient cross-border marketing communications and PR programs to empower companies outside of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to establish and enhance their presence and reputation within APAC. MSPRG’s work focuses on supporting companies based in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa that are either operating in or expanding into APAC.  

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