South Korean LNG Cold Chain Company Launches a New Website

MSPRG MarCom Platinum Winners

SuperFreeze, an emerging leader of the cold-chain industry in Southeast Asia, approached Montieth & Company to build a new website and brand identity that reflects its guiding principles – sustainability and reliability. We helped SuperFreeze communicate the company’s new brand identity in a clear, direct way to its target audience, including potential customers and investors.  

SuperFreeze’s approach to sustainability was emulated in the logos, brand colors, and creation of the website. The Montieth SPRG team successfully implemented a content architecture that prioritized ease of use, effective segmentation and graphics,which were informed by in-depth competitor research.  

The team was awarded the MarCom Platinum Award for its branding and website work with SuperFreeze.


“On behalf of SuperFreeze, thanks for your help in launching the website. Really excellent not only in design, but in helping us get our story into something simple and understandable that our clients, customers, and partners can digest and action. If we knew now, what we did not know then, we would have (should have) sought your help long ago!”  

Collins Roth, Managing Partner at SuperFreeze