GMO Communicates Its Vision on ESG

Jeremy Grantham

GMO, a well-known U.S. asset management firm with a growing U.K. and Asian business, wanted to bring its complex and technical investment philosophy to a climate change strategy. While highly differentiated, its ESG investment strategy needed to be made accessible to family offices, HNWIs, and institutional investors. 

For this ESG investment strategy, we helped identify and bridge the gap between the firm’s high-level thought leadership and the delivery of investment management solutions. 

We connected with the right audience by targeting national, financial, and investment management media, including a byline in The Financial Times,The Economist, Business Green and Le Figaro. number of articles promoting the climate change fund were also featured in publications such as CityWire, MoneyWeek, IR Magazine, Investment & Pensions Europe, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal, along with broadcast opportunities in Bloomberg TV and CNBC.