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Making Multi-Market Public Relations Work for Your Business

Around the world, trade remains a focus for governments and businesses. Perhaps counterintuitively the ongoing pandemic has only served to heighten public awareness of how inter-connected markets are. The past two years have also strengthened those links between economies and people as vast supply chains have geared up and down to meet the needs of […]

What does de-listing in the U.S. and relisting in China mean for investors and businesses?

As greater numbers of U.S.-listed Chinese firms opt to move their listings to Hong Kong and other Chinese exchanges what does this mean for those firms and their investors? In this column for the South China Morning Post our co-founder, Montieth Illingworth, analyses what both sides need to bear in mind in 2022; and how […]

Global Divergence on ESG Metrics Poses Challenges to Financial Institutions

The 26th annual UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26 summit) is the latest event to spotlight climate risk and drive greater corporate commitment to ESG initiatives. A broad array of stakeholders – especially institutional investors seeking to make more sustainable investments – are demanding that corporations lower their carbon footprint. Complicating these interactions is the lack of […]

Montieth SPRG hires a new Director for the APAC region

Montieth SPRG is proud to announce the appointment of Leslie Fung as Director.  Leslie will lead the agency’s day-to-day activities and drive its continued expansion in APAC. Leslie has over 20 years of Public Relations expertise working across a variety of disciplines from investor relations to corporate affairs and strategic communications. He was latterly General […]

Going truly global?

How Chinese listings and exchanges are thriving and what this means for investor relations professionals By Leslie Fung The stories told of China’s exchanges and listings to date have focused on Chinese firms’ appetite both for domestic listings in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong but also on what some see as a race to list […]